I would like to live in Sweden

12 Novembre, 2010

Avui tenim de Convidat a EdBaMa des de la India. I aprofitem també per fer una mica d’experiment didàctic: us proposem una entrada escrita en anglés per tal que practiqueu l’idioma. L’iniciativa m’ha agradat i crec que ens pot anar bé a tots, així que els comentaris, si és que en deixeu, feu-los en la mateixa llengua!
Segueix sent especial l’entrada d’avui ja que a Mandrilades. només us oferirem un pròleg, la resta l’haureu de llegir al EdBaMa’s Weblog, recomanadíssim des dels inicis. Us deixo en bones mans, doncs!

A beginning

It was long time back when I realize that some of the pop bands or singers that I love were Scandinavian. This is not a big surprise if you are from any of those countries or you are following their daily music life. However, it is not my case and for this reason I was surprised when I count not less than 12 different Scandinavian artists in my iPhone.

According to that, I decided to make this special post as a reward for the nice moments that all of them gave and are giving to me.

Probably everything starts somewhere in 2001 when ‘alternative music’ starts and got famous in Spain, and particularly in Barcelona, where I was living. Searching new things in the ‘new trends’ section of my beloved FNAC, I found the album ‘What’s Up’ from a band called Lamb. They were not new, in fact they had some other albums behind this, but no one knows them in our land. I start reading about them, I have heard that they were known for releasing a song sampling the sound of the singer’s child heart and I discovered a new way of doing things.  The group is not still alive and the last thing that we know from them is a ‘Gratest Hits’ realeased some years ago, but I am still following the group leader and singer, Lou Rhodes, who has recorded a pretty good last album called ‘One Good Thing’. I hope is not going to be the last good thing we heard from her.

Keep on reading @EdBaMa’s Weblog.

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  1. Yaiba Says:

    Per tots aquells que feu servir Spotify, aqui us deixo una llista creada amb els grups i àlbums que ens parla EdBaMa: http://bit.ly/bE1yhX

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